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Forbes Article Highlights Post-MBA Career Shifts

A few weeks ago, Forbes released their findings on “The Best Business Schools,” a biennial ranking of MBA programs
based on the return on investment of prior graduates.

While the post-MBA earnings information was valuable and it was interesting to see Harvard bump Stanford of out of the top seeded position, the underlying messages of the article are of equal importance to those considering MBA programs.

Specifically, the article pointed to the shift in post-MBA career choices from traditional routes, such as banking and consulting, to technology and innovation firms.

The Forbes’ article noted that “, Facebook and Apple rank near the top of current M.B.A. wish lists as employers according to a survey of students at highly ranked schools by consultant Universum.”

One reason is that companies of stature require many of the skill sets honed throughout MBA programs:  process improvement, leadership, people and resource management.

Second, while the traditional industries of banking and consulting have suffered in recent years due to scandal and economic uncertainty, technology companies have been able to maintain growth and in many cases continue to pay top salaries.

In response to this shift, many MBA programs have been revamping their curriculums.

A recent article from U.S. News highlighted the efforts for Yale School of Management, Stanford and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

These curriculums have focused on the study of leadership and innovation, which helps prepare candidates for less-traditional career opportunities.

The take-away here is that MBA applicants now have a broader range of post-MBA career options.

In terms of the MBA application process, it behooves applicants to spend even more time evaluating their long-term career objectives and goals so that they can express these with passion and enthusiasm throughout the process.

In addition, examine the program curriculum to ensure that its objectives will point you in the career direction that you desire.

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