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Waitlisted. Am I Out of the Game?

I refer to the MBA waitlist as a wasteland.  Sorry to sound negative, but I managed the waitlist during my time with the Harvard Business School admissions committee and I know that very few people get off of the waitlist and into their programs.

What can be confusing is that, while you’re stuck sitting on the waiting list, other people are moving forward and getting admitted.  Does this mean you should throw in the towel?

Absolutely not! As long as you are not rejected, you are still competing.

So, stay focused and develop a game plan to get you off the MBA waitlist!

This is the time to step back, evaluate where your application may have weaknesses and tackle those areas as powerfully as possible.  Start asking yourself:

– Do I have a lower than average GMAT? If so, retake it.  Some schools will consider a higher score.

Of course, this is school-specific, so find out your school’s policy.  (Related: Get Your GMAT Score in Order.)

– Have I demonstrated adequate leadership and impact?  If not, garnering a promotion, committing to a global project,or assuming greater responsibility will all help.  (Related: Beefing Up Your Volunteer Background.)

– Did I time my application right?  If I hold off and reapply next year, will I be able to present a stronger application?  (Related: Choosing the Right Time to Apply to Business School.)

If you are waitlisted at your dream school, the number one thing to do is to step back and  develop a strategy for getting accepted.  Do NOT deal with this haphazardly!

At Expartus, we have helped numerous applicants successfully navigate the MBA waitlist.

Contact us: we’ll partner with you as you develop your strategy for getting off the waitlist:

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