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Business School Trend Report: Fewer Alumni Interviews

According to a  recent article in The Wall Street Journal there is an interesting trend taking place among MBA programs.

Programs are opting to forgo alumni interviews and instead increase the number of admission committee interviews.

Given the handful of horror stories that I’ve heard from applicants about alumni interviewers, this trend is good news for MBA candidates!

They will no longer be up against unprepared (and sometimes even rude) alumni interviewers.

Trained admissions interviewers know to steer clear of any inappropriate questions too.

And with the admission committee asking the questions, inquiries will be targeted to the specific candidate, making it much easier for applicants to let their personal brand shine through.

With the increasing acceptance of Skype and other communication options, interviewing candidates remotely is now a truly viable option.

If fact, Wharton was one of the top schools highlighted in the article, so I suspect that other schools will follow suit in the near future.

With that in mind, I would encourage you to check your Skype account.  Make sure your avatar is appropriate.

Ensure your speakers and mic are ready to go should you get the call.

And even take time to complete mock-interviews via Skype and other remote connections so that you are comfortable communicating your brand through this medium.

As with any interview, in-person or remote, it’s best to be prepared and practiced!

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