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MBA Recommendation Letter: How to Get the Best MBA Recommendation Letter [Video]

MBA recommendation letterSo who’s writing your MBA recommendation letters?

Are they so busy that they’ve asked you to write the letter yourself?

Do your recommenders like you and support your reasons for going to b-school?

MBA recommendations  are important in the application evaluation process.

So I’ve put together a video that’ill help you get the best MBA recommendation letter.

But before we get to the video….

Why Are MBA Recommendation Letters So Important?

MBA recommendation letters  allow the MBA admissions board to get a first hand account from people who know you, ideally former supervisors who can provide feedback on how you have performed in your work environment.

So who you choose to write your MBA recommendation letter will have a big  impact on your admissions outcome.

What your recommenders say about you is equally important, so you’ll need make sure you provide your recommenders  provide the right insight into who you are and the impact you had.

So How Do You Get the Best MBA Recommendation Letter?

I’ve created a video that gives you three tips on how to get the best recommendation letters.

Click here to to watch my video now.

Have you identified your recommenders? Have you started working on your recommendation letters?

Are you having any challenges getting the best recommendation?

Leave a comment in the comment box below and I’ll give you my thoughts. 

Your Success,


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