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B-School News: HBS Professor, Clay Christensen, Says Choose A Career You Love

“I want to start my own company!”MBA applicant

“I want to transform the healthcare delivery system!”

“I want to …..”

These declarations may be helpful in getting applicants into business schools.

Yet we know that most applicants who go to business school change their minds regarding what they initially said they want to do and what they end up doing.

For many MBAs, paying off huge MBA debt is justification for choosing a divergent career from what they initially said was their passion.

But what if this different path isn’t fulfilling? How do you pursue a career that is satisfying and filled with passion?

Harvard Business School professor, Clay Christensen, delves into this topic in his recently co-authored book How Will You Measure Your Life?

Professor Christensen offers insights into how to live with integrity as a business leader.

He also addresses the importance of meaningful and sustainable relationships in helping you follow your passion and make a difference in the world.

Branding helps you stay authentic

Knowing your personal brand is helpful in getting into top business schools.

But another benefit of knowing your personal brand is that it helps you identify your passions and the values that drive your life which are vital principles that will help you pursue a professional life that is fulfilling.

As MBA applicants, many of you are deciding what you want to do long term and the values that matter most to you.

I encourage you to spend some time to consider what you are genuinely passionate about.

Read Professor Christensen’s recent article On How To Find Work That You Love in Fast Company magazine.

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