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MBA Admissions: Yale SOM Pre-MBA Leadership Program

Are you a college student in your sophomore, junior or senior year?

If you are and are interested in a business career, the Yale School of Management Pre-MBA Leadership Program may be the perfect training ground for you.

On June 10, for two weeks, talented college students from across the U.S. and from countries like Brazil will have the opportunity to study at the Yale School of Management. The Yale program is sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Why should you do this program?

“I don’t have the funds”

“I didn’t know about the program”

There is no room for excuses—the program is free (attendees pay only a $250 refundable deposit) and you now know about the program.

If you want to go to business school in the future, this program is a great opportunity to live on campus and to attend classes in a top MBA program.

Not only are students able to learn about different parts of business, they’ll receive mentorship and instruction from Yale SOM faculty.

Plus students will receive guidance on their MBA application if they decide to apply to business school.

What’s in it for Yale?

Top business schools are on the hunt for talent and diversity.

The Pre-MBA Leadership program at Yale attracts under-represented minorities and non-traditional students from such majors as Engineering, Science and the Liberal Arts.

Getting into this program is competitive and students need to demonstrate strong academic profile and leadership potential.

Yale gets to cultivate a strong diverse applicant pool that they can tap into for their MBA program.

Next Steps

If you’ve not applied yet then plan to apply next year.

There are other programs similar to this one so cast a wide net when you apply. Check out my blog MBA Admissions: How to Lay the Groundwork for Your Early Career MBA for a comprehensive list of summer Pre-MBA leadership programs to apply to.

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