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New Year’s Resolutions for MBA Applicants

2013 is upon us, and the time for New Year’s resolutions has come. As the new year dawns, millions around the world will awake with renewed hopes and plans, strengthened commitment to goals old and new.

For MBA applicants, the New Year brings new hopes and new worries. It might bring those highly anticipated admissions decisions, and all of the emotions they entail, or you might be just beginning your application journey, narrowing down schools and developing your approach.

Wherever you are, now is the perfect time to make a few resolutions and set a few goals that will help you during the application process. With resolutions being made all around the world, here are a few for MBA hopefuls:

I will take time to further define and develop my personal brand

We firmly believe that defining your personal brand– who you are, what you want, and what skills and interests you have- is a crucial part of the application process.

With that information, you can develop an application that not only truly reflects who you are, but makes a compelling argument for your inclusion in a particular B-school class.

This year, take time to truly think about what you want out of life and what skills you bring to the table. Hone those interests and skills, and seek out activities that will help you continue to grow.

I will keep an open mind

This is an important one for MBA applicants, whether you are receiving decisions or selecting the schools that you want to apply to.

Remember that there are many strong MBA programs, and keep an eye open for specialized programs that might surprise you.

Once you arrive at a school, keep an open mind to the ideas surrounding you there.

Having so many talented and diverse students in one class is a tremendous opportunity, take care to make the most of it, learn from your classmates, and grow in your own perspective.

I will strive for excellence

It is easy to settle into routine, and often very hard to strive for challenge. This year, challenge yourself in your professional and personal life.

Take on difficult projects, explore new interests. Make a list of books to read, or projects to perform, and follow through on that list. You will be amazed what difference such daily, disciplined efforts can make.

These are just a few ideas for New Year’s resolutions- let us know if you have any more! Happy 2013!

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