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A Day To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving might be an American holiday, but it is a great reminder for families and communities worldwide to pause in their busy schedules and give thanks for the people in their lives, the experiences they have enjoyed, and the blessings that surround them. Far too often, in hot pursuit of more, we can forget what we already have. So today, I encourage you to look around and smile as you remember all that is good in life.


As MBA applicants, you have much to be thankful for. You have the opportunity to get an excellent education, and likely have already enjoyed many remarkable academic experiences. You have a future full of possibility, and the talent to turn that possibility into results. You have had jobs to learn from, teammates and colleagues to enjoy, and tasks to fulfill and challenge you. You have had opportunities to impact the community around you, to learn from it, and to watch it grow.

thankyouI would encourage you to think about the things that make others thankful for you. How can you continue to love your family and friends well? How can you be a leader in the workplace? How can you inspire and give back to others? I plan to reflect on these questions and, hopefully, to approach my life and business with renewed purpose and vigor.

If you are celebrating the holiday with your family, I hope that you have a wonderful time. And whatever you are doing, I hope that you have much to be grateful for.

Give Thanks



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