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Michigan Ross Business School Profile

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Ross School of BusinessMichigan’s Ross School of Business takes its reputation seriously. Since 1988, the school has been in the Top 10 of every Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking. 

Ross’s commitment to research and immersive learning is a draw for students who want to be able to make a difference in their chosen career field immediately after graduation.

Michigan Ross Business School Profile 

In addition to academic and analytic rigor, Ross sets itself apart with a passion for positive business strategies that promote sustainability and social impact. 

The faculty and administration at Ross School of Business believes in helping students develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills that will allow them to have a real impact on the global marketplace. 

With a strong alumni network consisting of more than 45,000 graduates working in 88 countries, former Ross students are making a difference all over the world. 

This is thanks to a hands-on curriculum featuring immersive projects that require all students to step outside the classroom and into the real world.

For students looking to make their mark in a global business environment, Michigan Ross School of Business is a great place to start. 

Curriculum Overview

The core curriculum at Ross starts students off with a strong financial background, with required courses during the first year in Principles of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Applied Microeconomics, and Financial Management, along with courses in Corporate Strategy, Marketing Management, and Operations Management. 

All students are required to complete a four-day Impact Challenge before the start of their first year where they contribute to a year-long partnership with Detroit to create a profitable enterprise. 

The end of the first year of the MBA program also includes a seven-week MAP program that is required for all students.

The MAP program emphasizes Ross Business School’s focus on preparing graduates for the real world by involving students in real organizations with real problems to tackle. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines 

The full-time MBA program at Ross Business School considers applicants in three rounds. 

Ross’s Round 1 deadline is October 5, 2015, the Round 2 deadline is January 4, 2016, and the Round 3 deadline is March 21, 2016.

International students are encouraged to apply in Round 1 or Round 2 in order to have time to complete all visa or remediation requirements.

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Tuition Cost

As of the 2014-2015 school year, Ross Business School’s yearly in-state tuition for Michigan residents is $54,778, and the out-of-state tuition is $59,778.

Other fees, including books, food, housing, and personal expenses, are estimated at $19,772 for an average student. 

Employment Info

Of Ross School of Business’ 2014 graduating class, 93% of employment-seeking graduates received an offer within three months of graduation.

U.S. citizens fared slightly better than international students, with 95% of students holding citizenships getting a job offer by three months post-graduation compared to 88% of international students. 

Median base salary for graduates was $115,000, with a median signing bonus of $25,000. Over a third of Ross graduates (36%) went into the consulting field, followed by almost 22% in marketing and 18 in finance. 

Class Profile

The Ross School of Business 2014 graduating class included: 

502 students enrolled

30% women, 70% men

36% students from outside of North America

27% U.S. minority students

21% of students had an undergraduate degree in a humanities or social sciences field,

36% held an undergraduate STEM degree, and

39% had completed an undergraduate business or economics degree 

Average GMAT score was 703

Average student age was 28 

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Admissions Director

Soojin Kwon, Director of Admissions 

School Address & Contact Info

Stephen M. Ross School of Business

701 Tappan St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


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Michigan University 

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