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UVA Darden Business School Profile

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dardenThe ultimate goal for the faculty and administration at UVA’s Darden School of Business is for their graduates to be prepared for business leadership – wherever it takes them. Darden prepares their students for the business world through practical “know how” skills as well as theoretical “know why” skills.

UVA Darden Business School Profile

Through their extensive case publishing, Darden is able to ensure that MBA students are exposed to real, ongoing challenges faced by current companies like Google, J. Crew, and Deutsche Bank.

As the business world changes, graduates are able to use the agile thinking team-based skills they learned at Darden to make confident decisions for the benefit of their organizations.

Thanks to its relationship with the University of Virginia, founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, students at the Darden School of Business are able to bridge the worlds of tradition and modernity, and make forward-thinking decisions that are rooted in an understanding of the past.

Darden business school offers students the best of all worlds: immediate access to rich history and beautiful countryside, coupled with a thriving campus experience and convenient access to the political center of the U.S. with Washington D.C. only two hours away.

With less than 350 students in a typical graduating class, at Darden, you won’t just be one of the crowd. 

Curriculum Overview

As with Harvard Business School, the faculty at UVA Darden believe in the immersive educational value of the case method.

Students will review more than 500 cases drawn from real professional situations, and will learn to make decisions in each case based on internal review and analysis, small-group discussions, and presentations to the full class.

The first-year core curriculum at Darden business school address foundational topics and schools that students need to ultimately undertake a business leadership role: Management Communication, Business Ethics, Decision Analysis, Financial Management and Policies, and more.

But beyond that, students at Darden also have recruiting opportunities, company briefings, and global experiences built into their first year as a part of the school’s commitment to taking learning beyond the walls of the classroom. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Darden School of Business considers applicants in three rounds, typically ending in early October, January, and April. If you are interested in admission to the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, note that the deadlines for admission are similar but not identical to the standard Darden admissions deadlines. 

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Tuition Cost

For residents of the state of Virginia, annual tuition costs for UVA’s Darden School of Business are $58,150 as of the 2015-2016 school year. For non-Virginia residents and international students, the tuition cost is $61,250. Additional costs, including health insurance, living expenses, books, computer, materials, transportation, and other fees, can range from $26,287 to $27,117 (not including costs for dependents or spouses). 

Employment Info

By three months post-graduation, 94% of all 2014 Darden business school graduates had received job offers (95% of graduates who had permanent work authorization, and 92% of graduates with non-permanent work authorization). The average base salary for 2014 graduates was $112,257, and the job functions with the highest average salary were consulting ($131,863) and finance ($102,950). 

Class Profile

For the 2016 graduating class, the student body at UVA Darden School of Business is composed of:

324 admitted students

32% women, 68% men

16% U.S. minorities

36% international students (born outside of the U.S.)

53% of students had an undergraduate degree in business or economics;

27% of students had an undergraduate degree in a STEM field; and

20% of students held an undergraduate humanities or social science degree

Average GMAT score: 706

Date Founded: 1955 

Admissions Director: Sara Neher, Director of Admissions 

School Address & Contact Info:

Darden School of Business

Office of Admissions

100 Darden Boulevard

Charlottesville, VA 22903


Links to school websites:

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