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Yale SOM Business School Profile

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Yale SOM Business SchoolYale University boasts a venerable name when it comes to world-class post-secondary education, but the School of Management is a relative newcomer as a business school. In fact, Yale’s SOM gave out their first MBA degree less than 20 years ago.

Yale SOM Business School Profile

The business school’s recent founding gave Yale a unique opportunity to create a dynamic MBA program rooted in the changing way that companies do business. Through its Integrated Curriculum, Yale students learn to sift through large volumes of information, to determine relevant details, and to work within a team in order to determine the best course of action.

All Yale SOM students are also required to take part in at least one global studies course, in order to develop meaningful experience with the complex global business environment.

The school offers many different ways to gain this experience, from semi-annual global network weeks to international experience courses culminating in a 10-day international trip to semester-long exchange programs which allow students to study in Paris, London, Barcelona, Singapore, or Beijing.

Yale’s business school does not funnel students into predefined majors. Instead, students are encouraged to use the core curriculum to develop a broad perspective on important issues in the business community, and use electives to build subject expertise in areas that they feel will be the most valuable for their career.

At Yale School of Management, taking the helm of your own educational path is just the first step toward a career path designed for leadership. 

Curriculum Overview

Fittingly for a new business school, Yale School of Management approaches the teaching of management in a new way. The Yale approach takes the traditional case model and flips it on its head.

Rather than presenting students with a case summary which has been winnowed down to the most relevant details, Yale’s “raw” case model gives teams of students all the available data about their real-world cases.

Sifting through the information overload in order to find the most important details becomes one of the primary skills that Yale students hone – an invaluable ability in the Information Age. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

The online admission portal at Yale School of Management is available to prospective students from July through April. The school considers applications in three rounds. The deadline for Round 1 applications is September 16, 2015. Round 2 applications are due by January 7, 2016, and Round 3 applications are due by April 21, 2016. 

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Tuition Cost

For the 2015-2016 school year, annual tuition for Yale’s business school is $61,500, plus a program fee of $1,880. Additional expenses, including room and board, books and supplies, and miscellaneous personal expenses, are typically around $25,120 for the average student. 

Employment Info

Yale School of Management’s 2014 graduating class consisted of 247 students, with 216 of those students seeking employment post-graduation. 93% of those students received a job offer within three months of graduation, with a median salary of $110,000.

Just under 9% of 2014 graduates accepted international job offers, primarily in Asia and Europe. Yale business school graduates pursue careers in a remarkable variety of industries.

Many students (26%) went into the consulting industry, but Yale grads also accepted job offers in technology (10%), energy (6%), government (2%), the non-profit sector (5%), and many other industries. 

Class Profile

Yale School of Management cultivates a small student body that aims to make a big impact on the world. For the class of 2015, that student body consisted of:

291 enrolled students

39% women, 61% men

32% international students

23% U.S. minorities (including 10% U.S. underrepresented minorities)

36% had an undergraduate degree in business, commerce, or economics,

38% had an undergraduate degree in humanities, social sciences, or the arts, and

26% had an undergraduate degree in a STEM field.

Average GMAT score 720

Average undergraduate GPA 3.6

Date Founded

Yale’s business school is a relatively young program, with the first class enrolling in 1976. Yale School of Management did not offer an MBA until 1999. 

Admissions Director

Bruce DelMonico, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions 

School Address & Contact Info:

Yale School of Management
165 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511-3729


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