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Kellogg Business School Profile

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Kellogg Business SchoolKellogg Graduate School of Management has been a Chicago institution for over 100 years. While their legacy is impressive, their commitment to growth and progress is even more important. Kellogg began an intensive 7-year transformation plan in the fall of 2011.

Kellogg Business School Profile

The aim of the plain is to revitalize the Kellogg business school brand and develop new programs to push Kellogg students to even greater heights.

As a part of the transformation, Kellogg has developed a “Brave Leaders” speaker’s series featuring influential speakers from CEOs to major investors to President Barack Obama.

The school has also been creating programs and courses that cut across traditional disciplines, in recognition of the way students learn and work in today’s world.

Kellogg currently offers seven traditional majors, including Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Accounting, as well as a non-specific General Management MBA degree option. However, in recognition of the need for successful leaders to develop skills across a number of disciplines, as of June 2015 Kellogg will also be offering students several cross-functional “pathways”.

Pathways include topics like Entrepreneurship and New Ventures, Data Analytics, Scaling Businesses, and Social Impact.

The addition of pathways, as well as strategic initiatives like Architectures of Collaboration and Public-Private Interface, gives Kellogg business school’s students and faculty the ability to tackle real-world concepts and issues without being constrained by traditional departmental roles.

The result is a truly world-class education that prepares students to think creatively and handle leadership challenges in a global marketplace.

Curriculum Overview

The core curriculum of Kellogg business school’s two-year full time MBA program asks students to develop a strong grounding in basic management skills during their first year through rigorous coursework in nine required classes. These courses cover foundational skills such as accounting, finance, operations, business analytics, and leadership.

During the second year of the program, Kellogg students are given much more freedom to pursue their own path, whether through a major, a pathway, or one of the school’s cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives.

In addition, students with significant previous work experience or coursework are able to request a waiver for many of the core requirements, allowing much more time to pursue electives. This makes Kellogg an attractive choice for students who have spent a good deal of time in the work force before pursuing an MBA.

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Kellogg business school typically considers applicants in three rounds, with deadlines in late September, early January, and early April. International students as well as students who are applying for scholarships and grants are encouraged to apply in early rounds.

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Tuition Cost

Annual tuition for Kellogg’s full-time, two-year MBA program is $64,059. Additional expenses are estimated at $28,954 for the average student, which covers costs such as room and board, travel, book and supplies, health insurance, student fees, and assorted personal expenses.

Employment Info

For the 2014 graduating class at Kellogg School of Management, 94% received a job offer within three months of graduation. Kellogg’s entrepreneurial and innovative spark was reflected by 29 graduates who started their own businesses, as well as 16 graduates who accepted positions with a startup.

There were 474 graduates in the 2014 class, with many going into the consulting industry (35%), technology (18%), financial services (14%), and consumer products (11%). Median salary for graduates accepting a job in the United States was $120,000. For graduates accepting an international position the median salary was $110,000.

Class Profile

The 2015 graduating class of Kellogg School of Management consisted of:

5564 program applicants

652 total MBA students

465 students enrolled in the full time two-year MBA program

36% female students, 64% male

20% U.S. minority students

36% of students held international citizenship

Average age: 28

Average GMAT score: 715

Date Founded

Founded in 1908 as a part-time evening program as Northwestern University’s School of Commerce. The school was renamed the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in 1979.

Admissions Director

Betsy Ziegler, Associate Dean of MBA Programs

School Address & Contact Info

Kellogg School of Management
2001 Sheridan Rd.
Evanston, IL 60208

Links to school websites:

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Links to admissions blog:

Kellogg MBA Admissions Blog

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