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Haas Business School Profile

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Haas Business SchoolBerkeley, California has long been a city at the center of social change, radical ideas, and political upheaval. It makes sense, then, that UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business would be a perfect place for MBA students who feel that innovation is the spark at the core of their career path.

Haas Business School Profile

Some MBA programs offer courses in leadership, or create a separate leadership institute for select students. At Haas School of Business, innovative leadership is the theme at the heart of the MBA program as a whole.

Student-initiated courses, a tradition at Haas, are one example of students taking control of their education. These student-devised and student-run courses address issues and questions that today’s MBA students feel they will need to know when they re-enter the working world.

Similarly, Applied Innovation courses invite students to take charge of real-world management and entrepreneurial issues, working through a complete project life cycle.

Applied Innovation courses include Managing the New Product Development Process, Real Estate Investment Analysis, International Business Development, Hedge Fund Strategies, The Startup Lab, and more.

Berkeley Haas operates on four Defining Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Student Always, and Beyond Yourself.

The particulars of how members of the faculty and student body embody these principles might vary, but the school as a whole is united by a set of ideals that helps students learn to navigate their unique path responsibly, ethically, and boldly.

Curriculum Overview

Berkeley Haas’s dedication to innovative leadership is reflected in the school’s core curriculum. Required classes include foundational concepts like financial accounting, marketing management, and operations, along with courses in Ethics and Responsible Business Leadership, Leadership Communication, and Strategy, Structure, and Incentives.

MBA students at Berkeley Haas can choose from 11 different Areas of Emphasis, including Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Global Management, and Energy and Clean technology, in order to tailor their elective courses toward a career they’re passionate about.

The Haas School also offers three concurrent degree programs: a JD/MBA program, an MBA/MPH Program in Health Management, and an MBA/MA Program in International and Area Studies. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Applications for fall 2016 enrollment will be available on the Berkeley Haas website starting in August 2015. Typically, the school accepts applications in three rounds, with deadlines in October, January, and March. 

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Tuition Cost

For California residents, Berkeley Haas School of Business annual tuition costs are $40,476, plus $13,265.50 in fees. Non-resident tuition is $42,537, plus $13,265.50 in fees. Additional costs, including books and supplies, health insurance, and living expenses, are estimated at $29,240 for both residents and non-residents. 

Employment Info

The Berkeley Haas graduating class of 2014 was a small class, consisting of just 234 students. The largest segment of Hass business school graduates went into technology (43%), followed by consulting (26%) and financial services (11.5%).

The school did not release information about the percent of graduates who were seeking employment or who received job offers; however, for students reporting post-graduation compensation, the average salary was $121,816.

Of those students, 71% reported receiving a sign-on bonus, 31% received stock or stock options, and 47% received other guaranteed compensation. 

Class Profile

For the 2014 entering class, the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley received 3,550 applicants, and accepted:

241 enrolled students

43% women, 57% men

43% international students

41% U.S. minorities

49% had an undergraduate degree in business, commerce, or economics,

18% had an undergraduate degree in humanities, social sciences, or the arts, and

33% had an undergraduate degree in a STEM field.

Average GMAT score: 717

Average undergraduate GPA: 3.62

Median years of work experience: 5

Date Founded

1898 – The nation’s first school of commerce at a public university 

Admissions Director

Meg St. John, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs

School Address & Contact Info

Student Services Bldg.
Room 430
2220 Piedmont Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94720

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