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Insead Business School Profile

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Insead B SchoolThe INSEAD MBA experience is designed to reflect and draw out the strengths you will need in order to make an impact on the business world. Students are placed into study teams that are consciously chosen to be as diverse as possible (in terms of age, gender, nationality, experience, etc.).

Insead Business School Profile

Professors are given wide latitude to conduct their courses in the way that they will believe will have the greatest effect, whether it is lectures or case studies or project work.

The result is a huge range of experiences packed into a short window of time, teaching all INSEAD Business School students to adapt and excel regardless of the circumstances.

Many INSEAD students thrive in this environment and seek out additional clubs, electives, and campus exchange opportunities to further broaden their experience while in business school.

The INSEAD Campus Exchange programme offers MBA students the chance to complete their education in a complete different surrounding from what they’re used to.

All students begin their education at one of two home schools in France or Singapore. During the second half of the programme, they are able to transfer to the other home campus, or complete a module in China, Abu Dhabi, or the United States.

The fact that 70% of INSEAD MBA students will use the transfer option says a lot about the type of candidate who will do well there: students who thrive on change and who want a top-notch business school experience in a truly global programme. 

Curriculum Overview

INSEAD’s 10-month full-time MBA Programme consists of five eight-week periods, during which students complete three to six courses and an end-of-period assessment.

The core courses at INSEAD are completed in the first half of the program, and cover foundational business skills like accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, organisational strategy, and operations management.

While the programme as a whole is designed to reflect an international perspective, there are also two required courses that directly focus on a global mindset: International Political Analysis and Macroeconomics in the Global Economy. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Because the INSEAD programme is a 10-month MBA, there are typically several different application windows open at an given time. Students can enter in January for December graduation in the same year, or in September for graduation the following July.

Applications are considered in four rounds for each class. The current deadlines are:

– For January 2016 entry: round 4 applications are due August 5, 2015.

– For September 2016 entry: round 1 applications are due September 16, 2015; round 2 applications October 14, 2015; round 3 applications January 13, 2016; and round 4 applications February 24 2016.

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Tuition Cost

INSEAD announces their updated tuition fees in December of each year for the following year’s classes. For the graduating class of 2016, these fees were €65,800. Additional fees include €1,800 for an optional Business Foundations Programme, and living expenses (including accommodation, meals, transportation, laptop, and other miscellaneous expenses) are estimated at €23,800 for a single student attending the Fontainebleau campus.

Employment Info

Following their graduation from INSEAD, 95% of students who were actively looking for a job received an offer within three months. Nearly half of INSEAD graduates (49%) go into the corporate sector post-graduation, followed by consulting (34%) and finance (17%).

The overall mean annual salary for INSEAD Business School graduates was €86,600 ($116,269). The median sign-on bonus was €16,200 ($21,750), with 61% of students reporting having received a sign-on bonus. 

Class Profile

For the class of 2013 (both July and December graduates), there were:

1016 MBA graduates

34% female, 66% male

78% students from outside of Western Europe

Average age: 29

Average work experience: 5-6 years

Average GMAT score: 702

42% of students had an undergraduate degree in business or economics;

42% had an undergraduate degree in a STEM field; and

16% had an undergraduate degree in humanities, political science, or other fields.

Date Founded

1957 – three months after the signing of the Treaty of Rome. The first graduates matriculated in 1960. 

Admissions Director

Pejay Belland, Director of Marketing, Admissions, & Financial Aid

School Address & Contact Info

INSEAD Business School
Europe Campus
Boulevard de Constance
77305 Fontainebleau

+33 (0)1 6072 4190

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