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Said Business School Profile

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Said B School

At Oxford’s Saïd Business School, there are two core ideas that run through every course, project, and programme the school offers: That the world today is an incredibly interconnected place, with global threats and opportunities that affect all of us; and that Saïd graduates should be well-prepared to tackle these threats and take advantage of the opportunities.

Said Business School

The Global Threats and Opportunities: Oxford (GOTO) program brings together students, faculty, and alumni to tackle big issues through innovation and teamwork. Past years’ GOTO themes have included Big Data, Water Management and Markets, and Demographic Change.

Students learn the year’s GOTO theme during the initial MBA Launch program. They will work on issues and ideas surrounding the theme through the year, culminating in GOTO presentations during Capstone at the programme’s end.

In addition to the GOTO theme, Saïd Business School takes students through three integrative modules: Entrepreneurship, Global Rules of the Game, and Responsible Leadership. These modules draw on concepts from across multiple disciplines, helping students develop the logical and outside of the box thinking skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s interconnected business world. 

Curriculum Overview

Oxford Saïd’s one-year programme starts all students off with an intensive three-week residential “MBA Launch”. This is where students learn the year’s GOTO theme, as well as connect with other Saïd students and begin working on core courses.

The Saïd MBA is a generalist degree, so all students spend their first term in core courses like Accounting, Strategy, Marketing, Analytics, Business Finance, and Leadership Fundamentals.

During their second and third terms, students are able to delve into elective courses in a number of different areas, from finance to retail to corporate strategy to social entrepreneurship.

Students are able to shape their Saïd MBA programme by taking advantage of several challenging, real-world projects: the Entrepreneurship Project during the second term, a summer internship, or a four- to six-week strategic consulting project.

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

Oxford Saïd Business School operated on a staged admissions process. Applications for the incoming 2015 class are closed, but applications for the 2016/17 school year will open beginning August 1, 2015.

The deadlines for the 2016 incoming class are September 11, 2015; October 30, 2015; January 8, 2016; March 18, 2016; May 6, 2016; and June 10, 2016.

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Tuition Cost

The tuition for Oxford Saïd’s full-time MBA programme, as of 2016/2017, is £50,200, a fee which includes the course fee, college fee, and long-life Oxford Union membership.

Additional costs for the yearlong program, including food, housing, computing, and miscellaneous costs, can range from £11,408 to £16,854 for a single student.

Employment Info

For the 2013/ 2014 graduating class, Saïd Business School at Oxford matriculated 245 students. Of those students, 49 of them were not seeking post-graduation employment, and 82% accepted a job offer within three months of graduation.

Nearly half of Saïd graduates (42%) go into industry sectors, including technology, media, consumer products, and real estate. A quarter (25%) go into the financial sector, almost as many (23%) go into consulting, and 10% of graduates find jobs in the non-profit sector.

The overall average salary for Saïd Business School graduates is £58,143, with the highest reported  average salaries in North America (£72,996) and the lowest in Asia (£37,780).

Class Profile

The Saïd Oxford MBA programme maintains a relatively small class size, just over 200 students. Their most recent class consisted of:

200 enrolled students

33% female, 67% male

95% International students

Average age: 28

Average GMAT score: 692

Average work experience: 5 years

38% of students had an undergraduate degree in business or economics;

40% of students had an undergraduate degree in a STEM field; and

22% of students had an undergraduate degree in humanities, law, or social sciences.

Date Founded

While Oxford itself has been around for nearly a millennium, Saïd Business School was founded in 1996. The school was formed out of the 1965 Oxford Centre for Management Studies, now Green-Templeton College.

Admissions Director

Dana Brown, Director of the MBA

+44 (0) 18652 78804 

School Address & Contact Info:

Saïd Business School

Park End Street


OX1 1 HP

+44 (0)1865 288800

Links to school websites:

Said Business School

Said Business School MBA Program

Said MBA Admissions Blog

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