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94 Reasons to Reapply to Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School admitted 94 reapplicants – approximately 10 percent – of the 937 students in the MBA class of 2017. This marks the first time the school has publically disclosed the number of reapplicants it has admitted.

The level of unprecedented transparency at the school is refreshing after years of a black box culture and is reflective of the leadership of the current admissions managing director Dee Leopold.

94 Reasons to Reapply to Harvard Business School

It’s fair to say that now more than ever HBS is a school that is open to re-applicants  and a significant number of reapplicants have gotten in at HBS. It comes down to figuring out what went wrong the first time around.

This data proves that there is such a thing as second chances after all.

Class of HBS 2017 Profile

Additional data from this year’s class profile includes:

  • Applications: 9,686
  • Admitted: 11%
  • Women: 42%
  • US Ethnic Minorities: 28%
  • International: 34 %
  • Average Age: 27
  • Average GPA: 3.66

While the median number of years out of undergraduate remained the same as last year at 4 years, the class of 2017 had many more admitted students five years out of undergrad than classes from the previous two years and slightly more admits six years out of undergad.

As for the citizenship of this year’s incoming class, 71 percent hail from North America, with 66 percent coming from the United States. Fourteen percent are from Asia, nine percent from Europe, three percent from Central/South America,one percent from Africa and two percent from Oeania.

The highest percentage of educational background is Economics/Business (45%), followed by STEM (36%) and Humanities/Social Sciences (19%).

The top five pre-MBA industries of the class of 2017 are:

  • Venture Capital/Private Equity (18%)
  • Consulting (16%)
  • High Tech/Communications (14%)
  • Financial Services (11%)
  • Gov’t, Education and Nonprofit (8%)

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