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How a Re-Applicant Client Got Admittted to Their Target B-School

Meet Our Clients

Many of our clients tell us that what makes EXPARTUS unique and successful is the extensive experience our consultants (cross link to Mollie’s profile) have navigating the MBA admissions process- combined with their passion about their work and dedication their clients’ success.

But we want you to get an insider’s view of what it is like to work with us. Recently, an international client, whowill be attending The Kellogg School of Management in 2015, sat down with us to talk about the process of working with EXPARTUS during the application process.

How a Re-Applicant Client Got Admittted to Their Target B-School

What brought you to EXPARTUS?

I was a re-applicant to business school, and I was questioning whether I could get into a top 10 school, or if I should expand my target school list. A friend recommended EXPARTUS to me, noting that they have very good expertise and service.

I had also read Chioma’s book on the best way to apply successfully to business school, and it was very impressive.

Can you describe your experience working with EXPARTUS?

In my previous applications, I did not do enough to highlight my personal brand through stories about my career and background to distinguish myself from my peers. I enjoyed the personal brand audit the most about the experience with EXPARTUS.

It allowed me to see my strengths and to build my confidence. I realized that my personal brand is a collaborative leader and I was able to then effectively weave my leadership stories from my previous career into the overall application.

How did these experiences translate to your successful application this cycle?

The personal branding work helped me distill my true areas of interest – the intersection between finance and technology. At the time I was working on my application, I was also interning at a very challenging company.

But my EXPARTUS consultant was always a great coach and supporter, helping me when I felt overwhelmed to get right back on track.

At first, I was struggling during the mock interviews.  Because of my internship, I did not have a lot of time to prep for interviews. I was not very good at telling my own stories, relating my brand in the mock interview sessions.

But, working with two consultants at EXPARTUS gave me good, solid feedback. My EXPARTUS consultant even invited me to her home and spent an entire afternoon with me, coaching me how I could perfect my interview skills.

She helped me understand when asked to tell about myself, where I should start, how to flow the conversation and how to make it memorable and interesting. All of this helped me to get accepted to my dream school – Kellogg!

How is EXPARTUS different from the admissions consultants in your native country?

Local consultants can sometimes encourage students to take shortcuts in the admissions process; EXPARTUS is the exact opposite. They focus on organic growth of the applicant with the utmost integrity!

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