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Wharton 2017 MBA Profile

Wharton’s Class of 2017 Profile

One of the best ways to refine your list of target schools and discover how you might fit into the MBA class is to review the profiles of previous admitted classes.

To coincide with the start of many MBA programs, the top schools have begun to release the profiles of the MBA class of 2017. In an upcoming series of posts, we will bring you an overview of those profiles to assist with your application process.

Wharton 2017 MBA Profile

We began with an overview of the incoming class at Harvard Business School. Today, we bring you insight into The Wharton School’s Class of 2017 profile.

More than 6,590 people applied for Wharton’s incoming class. Of those applicants, 861 have enrolled. Of those, 43 percent are female, and 30 percent are U.S. students of color. The class is made up of 32 percent of international students, with 73 countries being represented.

GMAT Rising

The mean GMAT of the school continues a trend of rising for the past several years. This year’s mean was 732, up from 728 last year and 725 the year before. The range for the GMAT scores of the class is 620 to 790. The mean years of work experience is five years. Statistics regarding mean GPA were not released.

Previous industry experience of the class includes:

  • Consulting (23 %)
  • Government/Military/Nonprofit (11%)
  • Investment banking (11%)
  • Private equity/venture capital (10%)
  • Other (10%)
  • CPG/Retail/Healthcare/Energy (10%)
  • Other financial services (7%)
  • Investment management (6%)
  • Technology/Internet/Ecommerce
  • Media and Entertainment (4%)
  • Real estate (2%)

In addition, with the Round 1 application deadline coming up on September 29, Wharton this week released its schedule for campus visits, which will begin September 21 and extends throughout the academic year.

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