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Harvard Executive MBA Profile


Unlike many of the world’s top business schools, Harvard does not offer an Executive MBA program option.

Instead, they offer comprehensive, immersive leadership programs designed for executives at all levels. These programs offer more flexible and customized options for busy executives. 

HBS divides its Comprehensive Leadership Programs into four levels: 

 – Advanced Management Program: This general management program is designed to help senior executives prepare themselves for the highest levels of global corporate management. The coursework is entirely on-campus, and runs for eight weeks. 

Harvard Executive MBA Profile

 – General Management Program: This program is designed for mid-level executives who are preparing to take on broader management tasks across a unit, division, or region. The program consists of five separate three- to four-week modules, two conducted on-campus and three completed off-campus. 

 – Owner/ President Management: The OPM program is specially designed for the needs of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other top-level executives who want to develop a long-term, strategic approach for their company’s success and expansion. Coursework consists of three on-campus sessions, each three weeks long, held over the course of three years. 

 – Program for Leadership Development: The PLD is Harvard Business School’s entry-level Executive Education program, designed for participants with 10 to 15 years of professional experience who want to prepare themselves for leadership positions. The coursework consists of four two-week module, two completed on-campus and two completed off-campus. 

Curriculum Overview 

One of the primary benefits of Harvard Business School’s Executive Education programming is the high level of customization available to participants.

In addition to the four main leadership programs, HBS offers separate modules covering a huge variety of curricula. Some examples include:

– Managing Health Care Delivery

– Real Estate Management Program

– Corporate Social Responsibility

– Governing for Nonprofit Excellence

– Global Energy Program

– Families in Business 

There are varying levels of program requirement for the four main programs under the umbrella of Harvard Business School’s Executive Education division: 

 – Advanced Management Program: 20 to 25 years of professional experience; key member of the company’s top leadership team; from an organization with annual revenues of at least $250 million; have a role one to two levels below the CEO. 

 – General Management Program: 15 to 20 years of professional experience; from an organization with annual revenues of at least $100 million; working in a role with general management responsibilities; seeking to develop leadership potential at the divisional or regional level 

 – Owner/ President Management: must be a CEO, COO, president, or managing director; must have a significant equity stake; from an organization with annual sales of at least $10 million; actively involved in running the business 

 – Program for Leadership Development: Approximately 10 years of professional experience;  from an organization with annual revenues of at least $75 million; working as a manager or functional specialist; recommended as having exceptional prospects for management advancement

Tuition Cost

Because Harvard offers multiple programs under the Executive Education umbrella, program lengths and tuition costs vary.

One- to two-week programs typically range from $9,500 to $15,000; two- to four-week programs typically cost between $24,000 and $38,000; and programs running for longer than a month can cost from $24,000 to $78,000 or more.

The Program for Leadership Development, HBS’s answer to the Executive MBA, costs $47,700 and consists of approximately eight weeks of coursework over a six-month period. 

Course Length

Although they offer several different levels of Executive Education programs, the Program for Leadership Development is Harvard’s answer to the more typical Executive MBA. 

Important Dates & Application Deadlines

HBA has Executive Education programs and modules running year-round, on both the main Harvard campus and at satellite campuses around the world. Applications are requested at least four weeks prior to the start of any program.

The next sessions for the Program for Leadership Development, Harvard’s version of the Executive MBA, begin in December 2015 and July 2016. 

School Address & Contact Info

Harvard Business School

Attn: Executive Education

Soldiers Field

Boston, MA 02163

1.800.427.5577 (inside the US)

+1.617.495.6555 (outside the US) 

Date Founded

The first Executive Education program was launched at Harvard in 1945, with the first international program held in 1956. 

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