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Chicago Booth School

Like many of my fellow applicants, I had the generic business school background: Ivy League graduate, economics major, and Wall Street.

I had disparate community oriented activities with some leadership experience, a mediocre GMAT score, and only two years of work experience. EXPARTUS® was an absolute Godsend with a wealth of resources at its disposal.

With my GMAT score at that time, I was not even close to the lower GMAT range for most of the top 25 business schools. Ready to give up on the GMAT, EXPARTUS® encouraged me to take the exam one more time and my score increased significantly. Being the introspective type, I thought that I knew myself like the back of my hand.

However, utilizing EXPARTUS®’ strategies and exercises, I was forced to dig deeper helping me to find a stronger inner voice and self-confidence, not to mention a common theme that bound all my seemingly disparate experiences into a unique, personable and heartfelt story. I got into a number of business schools, including my top choice.

chicago Booth School

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