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Darden MBA

As this process winds down and the next one begins I wanted to take time to thank Adaobi, my advisor, and Expartus. The past 7 months have been packed with more growth than the previous 27 years of my life. I cannot help but realize the enormous impact you have had on my life.

When I spoke to the other candidates throughout the entire application process at all my schools I saw enormous potential in each, but they lacked the focus of distinct goals, the advantage of a personal brand, and the understanding of their personal achievements in the context of the next steps. All things you helped me develop, which placed me light years ahead of my competitors.

However, this was not a “one and done” process. I will carry the tools and thought process of Expartus with me throughout my career. I know whatever twist and turn my career takes henceforth I will be prepared!

Darden MBA

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