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Here are a few of the dozens of MBA testimonials we routinely receive from our MBA admissions consulting clients.

EXPARTUS® services were invaluable throughout the long journey of applying to a top tier business school.

EXPARTUS® guided me through an in-depth Personal Brand Audit that clarified my vision for what I hope to achieve in my life and then helped me develop that vision into a cohesive, compelling application.

Certainly, the insight gained through thought provoking conversations and honest feedback was invaluable in securing my acceptance to Harvard Business School in the most competitive year in history.

Perhaps more importantly, I found a trusted advisor to help me plot my career vision and understand how an MBA would help me accelerate towards my goals.

I had a 3.90 GPA from a top-10 college, 750 GMAT, and worked for one of the most reputable consulting firms.

I thought this was a guaranteed entry ticket into HBS/Stanford until I saw many of my peers with similar backgrounds rejected. When I applied, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I knew I had to get an edge. EXPARTUS® was the best I could get, and HBS worked out

The branding process was something with which I was unfamiliar, so I had no idea what to expect.

But it lived up to what I imagined since it also helped me to think critically about where I see myself in ten years.

Working with EXPARTUS® was unique in that my brand strategist was willing to guide my themes without taking over my writing, or changing my voice.


The EXPARTUS® Personal Brand Audit put me in a reflective and brainstorming mode, which helped me revisit past experiences and convey them in a powerful way in my essays.

EXPARTUS® was highly instrumental in getting me accepted in two of the world’s best business school.

Harvard Bschool

My EXPARTUS® branding process was extremely successful.

By completing the Personal Brand Audit, I was able to recall stories that were extremely useful for my essays. Also, it put me in the correct mind frame for what b schools are looking for.

I was able to tailor my application for each business school, while still maintaining my own, unique identity. I came from a non-traditional media background, with minimal work experience (only 2 ½ years) and a low end GPA, and was able to get into some of the best business schools in the country (Tuck, Michigan, Kellogg, etc).


The EXPARTUS® expertise and dedication to clients was priceless.

After working with EXPARTUS®, my significant other and I were both admitted to HBS. Now we will be able to realize our dreams.


Four applications…two acceptances and two waitlists in 2004, in contrast to the three apps and three dings in 2003.

What made the difference in 2004 was EXPARTUS®’ sound advice, support and personalized sessions, which made it all possible.


I wanted to email to let you know this past weekend I captured a very prestigious full scholarship to Darden School of Business at UVA! I am beside myself with excitement.

As this process winds down and the next one begins I wanted to take time to thank Adaobi, my advisor, and Expartus. The past 7 months have been packed with more growth than the previous 27 years of my life. I cannot help but realize the enormous impact you have had on my life.

When I spoke to the other candidates throughout the entire application process at all my schools I saw enormous potential in each, but they lacked the focus of distinct goals, the advantage of a personal brand, and the understanding of their personal achievements in the context of the next steps. All things you helped me develop, which placed me light years ahead of my competitors.

However, this was not a “one and done” process. I will carry the tools and thought process of Expartus with me throughout my career. I know whatever twist and turn my career takes henceforth I will be prepared!

Darden MBA

I got admitted to HBS today, and I am beyond ecstatic

I wanted to thank you and the Expartus team for helping me achieve my dream!

I also wanted to let you know that Aly was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor, confidant, and supporter. She was with me every step of the way, and spent many late nights listening to me, advising me, and editing my essays. You have an incredible team and I feel very lucky to have worked with her. Thank you again.


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